We offer a wide variety of inspection services to best meet the needs of clients and their property.  At King Home Inspections, we perform all inspections according to the Inspection Standards of Practice so you can be sure of a thorough, detailed, accurate inspection.

Certified Home Inspection

When doing a Home Inspection, I follow the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Standards of Practice. This means I’ll inspect the visible and accessible structure, systems and components inside and outside the home, from the foundation to the roof, using the latest technology. Following my evaluation, I’ll compile my findings in and easy-to-read report, including detailed descriptions and high-resolution photos of any issues discovered. The report will be delivered within 24 hours of the inspection. My job isn’t finished until you understand everything in the report.

Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Inspection

Wood-destroying insects (WDI) can cause significant property damage and it is often difficult to spot their activity. Early detection helps protect your investment and can save thousands in repair costs.  We help protect your newly purchased home or ease the mind of a potential buyer by inspecting to identify possible damage from a variety of insects including termites, carpenter ants, old house borers, carpenter bees, powderpost beetles and other wood-destroying insects.

New Home Build Inspection

We offer new home construction inspections and make sure your new home build is truly ready for you to move in. With new home construction sometimes there are issues such as improperly installed roofing, inadequate ventilation, inadequate or improper insulation or structural issues that need to be addressed.  For new home buyers, it’s important to make sure the house is well built, having it inspected before moving in.

3 Phase New Home Inspection

Having new home or new construction inspections done in phases throughout the building process will potentially save you money and headaches down the road. Phase 1 checks the integrity of your foundation, Phase 2 verifies the integrity of the structure itself, and Phase 3 is conducted similar to an existing home inspection after the home or project is complete. Bring in an independent inspector you trust to help ensure costly mistakes in the building process are avoided.

11 Month Warranty Inspection

Did your new home come with a 12 month warranty? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a trusted inspector do a thorough inspection of the property at 11 months, so you are sure to submit under warranty any issues that need to be addressed? Often even new homes have issues that may not be readily discernible, but that a certified inspector could identify and report.

Pool & Spa Inspection

Pools and spas require proper maintenance and regular inspection so that you can enjoy them for years to come. Your pool maintenance professional is responsible only for the pool’s chemistry and cleanliness. Let me inspect it for all the other items that will ensure its proper condition and safety. I follow a comprehensive checklist and will inspect for the following: water level; leaks; valves; main drains, grates and inlets; blockages, debris, staining and biological growth; heater and thermostat; adequate fencing and gate security; deck safety; electrical safety, switches, alarms, and lighting; and more.

Sewer Scope Inspection

During a sewer scope inspection, a camera is run through the sewer lines, checking for damage and leaks. Generally, a sewer scope inspection is not included with a typical home inspection, but is an additional inspection that can be ordered. As a homeowner, it’s important to be aware of the following issues that might indicate a sewer scope inspection is needed to assess possible sewer damage or leaks – large trees or roots, unusually lush patches of grass, water back-ups, or shifting of soil around the house due to structural movement.

Septic System Inspection

The septic system is a vital part of your home’s well-being and should be inspected consistently, usually once a year. The septic inspection checks for issues with drain pipes, leach lines, the leach field, water levels and the tank. The inspector can provide recommendations to improve efficiency of the septic tank system and report any issues found, such as leaks, biomat overgrowth, excess sludge, etc. It is important to have a certified inspector perform this process to be sure your septic tank keeps working well for your home and family.

Infra Red Inspection (Thermal Imaging)

Infrared / Thermal imaging technology makes an Infra Red Inspection helpful in locating potential problems like electrical hazards or minor roof leaks before they get worse and cost a lot more money.   A thermal imaging inspection can also help with identifying missing insulation, plumbing leaks and structural issues or defects.   Let us help pinpoint energy efficiency issues without the need for invasive or destructive investigations. Infrared / Thermal technology is invaluable in saving time and money by catching important issues before they become bigger problems.

Drone Inspection

When not able to walk because of the slope or roof material, I will use a state-of-the-art, camera-mounted unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone to capture images of unsafe or hard-to-access areas, such as tall roofs. I can get an up-close look at any issues and defects that would otherwise not be properly inspected and reported. I can also take aerial photos of the property for real estate listings and informational purposes.

Repair Verification Inspection

Have you had remodeling or repair work done by a contractor to address a deficiency, or to adapt or modernize some structure or system of your home? I will inspect it to make sure that the materials, installation and workmanship meet quality standards and your specifications. This is not a code-compliance inspection, but an inspection to check that the work was completed properly.

Plumbing Inspection

A plumbing inspection is a systematic process of assessing the critical areas of the plumbing system of a property. It is performed by certified plumbers to avoid the risk of pipe corrosion, clogs, leaks, and burst tubes that can cause flooding and property damage.

Roof Inspection

Do you need just a roof inspection performed for insurance or other purposes? I will perform a standalone Roof Inspection & Certification and evaluate your roof from the eaves, as well as walk it (when it is safe to do so) to assess its overall condition, including the presence and status of flashing, chimneys, vents, skylights, and other penetrations.

Deck Inspection

Whether your deck was a DIY project or professionally built, let me inspect it for critical safety features and structural strength, including: proper attachment to the home; proper deck board spacing; adequate bracing underneath; adequate infill spacing between balusters; secure posts and soil integrity; safe stair treads and graspable handrails; safe clearances from power lines; electrical and lighting features; and more.

Electrical System Inspection

An electrical home inspection provides a thorough examination of your entire electrical system, ensuring all electrical wires, systems, and components (such as appliances) meet legal safety standards.

Chimney & Fireplace Inspection

A level-one chimney inspection includes a visual check of the fireplace and chimney without any special equipment or climbing up on the roof. The inspector will come to your house with a flashlight; look for damage, obstructions, creosote buildup, and soot; and tell you if the chimney requires sweeping.

Annual Home Maintenance Inspection

If you are a new homeowner, an annual Home Maintenance Inspection can help you discover and plan for the demands of maintaining your home properly. Some tasks are seasonal, others require more frequent attention. I can help you identify possible issues and educate you on what should be done each year to keep your home in top condition. Even if you’re a longtime homeowner, an inspection can verify if your home’s maintenance program is sufficient, or if any problems have developed during the past year.

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